Unforgettable erotic massages by Tantra Diamond

If you ever feel a little lonely and a little horny while visiting Bratislava, in the mood to experiment and to live through a once-in-a-lifetime experience – you are in the right place.Right in the center of the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava a Tantra massage facility can be found. With its location on Ventúrska street, it is close to the historical as well as cultural and social centers making it easy to just stop by whenever you feel like it.

Before you tantra massage appointment, it is important that you contact us by calling, messaging using WhatsApp or by simply emailing us minimum one hour prior to your desired time of appointment. This is because we need to disinfect and prepare everything so you can have the time of your life, experiencing the unique atmosphere of exoticness and sensual energies created by combinations of just the right fragrancies, music and room setting.

release the stress during an erotic massage

Once you arrive, we will kindly ask you to take a shower – this is necessary because of hygienic concerns, and also to make your time here as pleasant as possible. After all a skin cleaned of layers of foreign masses is more sensitive to touch, making it much more easier for your erotogenic zones to be properly stimulated. A viable option here is to go through this cleansing ritual in the shower with a partner – by you chosen masseuse. Where the ‘foreplay’ can begin.

let yourself free of stress

After shower, the two of you will move to the room, where all shall be set by then. Oriental music playing, beautiful and enchanting smell crawling through the space, dim lights and everything in just the right place. There a short ritual ‘Namaste’ will take place – a way to honor the participants of a spiritual and sensual journey the two (or possibly three) of you will undertake.

And finally, the sensual erotic massage https://www.tantradiamond.sk/en/may take place. A professional and rather attractive masseuse will take care of you in ways you have never thought of. Stimulate just the right spots, tease all your senses until the excitement will become unbearable… and finally, she will give all in and let you release all the tenseness by massaging your lingam, men’s genitalia, and leading you to an orgasm.